Poker Rules

At Poker Stars, Texas Hold’em games are offered in the unlimited, pot limit and limit varieties.

Poker Stars offers a wide variety of poker games with different rules: community card games such as Hold’em or Omaha, where all players share a portion of their poker hand; Stud games, where cards are dealt to each player, some covers and others discovered; Draw games, where five cards are dealt to each player, but each player can change (or all) different ones; And even the Hi / Lo Split games, where the pot is divided between the best “high” hand and the best “low” hand.


All poker games start with some forced bet that players compete for. In Seven Card Stud, there are two forced bets, a “ante” and a “bring-in”. In other games, forced bets are the “small blind” and the “big blind” (and sometimes a suede). In any basic poker game, players bet strategically using various available actions. These actions are as follows:

 CHECK : If in the current betting round there is no bet, the player can pass. In doing so, the action passes to the person sitting to the left of the one who has passed. That a player passes does not make him lose the right to the pot, only the current right to bet. If during a betting round all active players pass, the round will be considered complete.

 BET (BET) : If there has not been a bet in the current betting round, the player can bet. If a player bets, the player immediately to the left of him (and all subsequent players) can fold, raise the bet or call.FOLD : the act of withdrawing or throwing the cards causes all the right to be lost on the current pot. A player who draws cards must not and is not allowed to bet money during the current hand.

 IGNORE (CALL) : If there has been a bet in the current round, a player can match that bet. The act of matching the bet requires that the player match the bet made by his opponent (s).

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