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Personally, I usually play poker online at Pacific Poker , a very juicy gambling hall. Although I have increased my funds, I have discovered that as the tournament progresses, it is becoming more difficult to win. Currently I play in the highest unlimited game of the site (between $ 3 and $ 6) and I have also played in his highest limit game (between $ 75 and $ 150). What I have discovered is that we have to mix the game with those good players, or on the contrary they will read us like an open book. I lost a good part of my checking account until I found out.


Players from lower boundaries are willing to go virtually to everything. Most of them play poker for the thrill of doing it and TRY to make money, of course. Generally, the way to beat them is to play with your own cards. Occasionally I can bluff if I feel any weakness, but generally I stick to the basic game.

 You always have to know the players against whom we face. Even in the lower limits, this article will help us. Occasionally, you will discover an opponent’s game and play accordingly. What I’m trying to say here is that poker is not always played with cards of their own.

Choice of game

I currently love to mix my game to the limit, because I feel it offers me the greatest benefits. At the lower limits, I recommend staying on the basic techniques. Although there is an exception, even in the lower limits. If the game is very disputed and we know that we are facing good players, you can mix the game by throwing some bluff. Most of those players are light-years away from bluffing. We will face many situations where you go to everything that will become increasingly difficult to discover as you go up the limits.

 Establish a plan

 When you mix the game, you have to decide who you want to take the chips with. So many times I’ve seen players loose and I’ve said, “I’m going to double this clown.” And most of the time I ended up getting exactly what I had said. It is a system that works well and I recommend trying. You will have to watch every move that player makes. You will EXACTLY observe every bet you make on each hand. The goal here is to get to know that player inside and out. Before deciding to enter a boat with that type of player, it will be taken into account that only money will be put if it is known that it will follow us.

 This leads to another article that may interest you. I’ve watched a friend’s game for years and I know him well inside and out. Every time I play against him, one against one, no doubt I master. That led me to think that if I knew a player so well, I could get all the savings out of his life. I recommend reading my next article, titled “Playing with the players: lurking in the tournament”, to dominate the current players.



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