Other Poker Rules

RAISE : If there has been a bet in the current betting round, the player can raise that bet. The act of raising the bet requires that the player equals the current bet and then makes a larger bet. All of the following players will have to watch the raise or raise the bet again in order to continue fighting for the pot.

In each round of betting, bets continue until all players have equalized bets placed or withdrawn (if no bets are placed, the round is completed once all players have passed). When the betting round is over, the next round of betting starts or the hand is completed.

If the last bet or raise of the betting round is matched, a “showdown” or confrontation occurs. At this point the winner of the pot is determined, as players show their hands one by one. It may be the case that there is no final confrontation. This can happen when a player bets or raises and no active player equals that bet (in other words, all players withdraw). In this case, the player who has bet or raised takes the whole pot.

At the end of the hand, active players have several options when displaying their cards:

 Do not show winning hand

If only one player remains in the hand after the final showdown, they can choose to show or not show their cards. If you prefer not to show your cards in these situations, check the “Do not show winning hand” option in the menu “Settings → Game → Show / hide hands” in the lobby. If this option is not checked, you will be offered the ability to display your cards after each winning hand.

If the hand reaches the final confrontation, the winning hand will be displayed automatically.

 Do not show losing hands

 In the final confrontation, players whose hands can not beat the best hand shown so far, can choose to show or not show their cards. If you prefer not to show your hand in this situation, check the “Do not show losing hands” option in the menu “Settings → Game → Show / hide hands” in the lobby.

 All players who have dealt cards in a hand have the right to see the hands not shown in the final showdown, if they so request. At Poker Stars, these cards are displayed in hand history and hand replay. Cards not shown can only be seen by players who have dealt cards in the hand in question. To view the hands-on history of the current session, go to “Tools → History & Statistics → Instant Hand History” in the lobby. To repeat any hand, click “Preview” from the “Instant Hand History” window or click the red “R” button at the top of the window. Hand history of real money games can be requested by e-mail, from “Tools → History and Statistics → Get Hand History” in the main lobby.


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